How To Change A Trigger In Power Automate

power automate change trigger

Due to easy of development starting your flow with a manual trigger is quite common. Once you have a solid implementation you might want to change your trigger from manual to recurrence for example. This guide explains how to change your Power Automate flow trigger type.

When you change a Power Automate start trigger, you lose its output

Please be aware: Changing a Power Automate start trigger means losing the output of the old trigger. You have to delete the old trigger to define a new one. Any output of the old trigger will be lost. Before changing the initial trigger, you might want to create a copy of the flow as backup.

Just imagine you want to change a SharePoint trigger for new list entries to something else. In case your flow uses data of the SharePoint entry, your flow will not work after you have changed the flow trigger.

Step by step: How To Change A Trigger In Power Automate

Let’s take a look how to change a Power Automate flow trigger step by step. In this guide we change from a manual trigger to a schedule trigger. Nevertheless the concept is the same for any trigger type you want to change.

  1. Delete the initial trigger

    power automate delete trigger

    Delete Trigger

  2. Confirm the deletion of the trigger

    power automate confirm delete trigger

    Confirm ‘Delete Step’

  3. Select the new trigger type

    power automate change trigger type

    Power Automate change trigger

  4. Adjust the new trigger to your needs

    power automate change flow trigger

    Adjust trigger

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