How To Use Child Flows In Power Automate [Step By Step]

power automate child flows

When you are using Power Automate for some time, you will reach at point where you want to reuse a flow. Especially coming from programming background, the reuse of flow comes naturally to your mind. It is like a function or method call.

Nevertheless it is not that intuitive to reuse flows in Power Automate. This guide shows you click by click how to create a parent flow with a Power Automate child flow.

Parent and child flow setup

In case you just want to know what you have to care about, here it is:

  • You need a solution: Parent and child flow need to be in the same solution
  • Parent flow: Use ‘Run a Child Flow‘ to trigger the child flow
  • Child flow: Use ‘Respond to a PowerApp or flow‘ to pass data to the parent flow

Step by step: How to use Power Automate child flows

Understand everything it takes to reuse a flow. This very simple example shows you the necessary steps without adding unnecessary complexity.

You will learn how to:

  • Create a solution
  • Pass data from the parent flow to the child flow
  • Pass data from the child flow to the parent flow

This guide shows you exactly how to create a solution, a child flow and a parent flow. The parent flow passes a number to the child flow. The child flow duplicates this number by 2 and passes the result to the parent flow.

  1. Create a new solution

    Power Automate Create A New solution

    Click ‘New Solution’

  2. Give your solution a name and select a publisher

    Power Automate New Solution Dialog

    Create your solution

  3. Click on your solution

    Power Auotmate Select The Solution

    Select your solution

  4. Add a flow to your solution

    Power Automate Create Flow In solution

    New Instant Flow

  5. Create the child flow

    Power Automate Create Child Flow

    Create flow

  6. Add an input

    Power Automate Add Input

    Click on ‘Add an input’

  7. Select type number for your input

    Power Automate Add Input Number

    Click on Number

  8. Add a new step

    Power Automate Add Next Step

    Click on ‘New step’

  9. Add ‘Respond to a PowerApp or flow’ operation

    Power Automate Respond to a flow

    Respond to a PowerApp or flow

  10. Add an output

    Power Automate respond to Add Input

    Add an output

  11. Select type Number

    Power Automate Respond to Output Number

    Click on Number

  12. Enter expression: mul(triggerBody()[‘number’],2)

    Power Automate Add Function

    Set expression for output

  13. Save flow

    Power Automate Save Child Flow

    Click save

  14. Go back

    Power Automate Child Flow Go Back

    Go back

  15. Add another flow

    Power Automate Create Another Flow

    Create flow

  16. Add an input

    Power Automate Add Input

    Add an imput

  17. Select type Number

    Power Automate Add Input Number

    Click on Number

  18. Select operation ‘Run a child flow’

    Power Automate Run a Child Flow

    Run a Child Flow

  19. Select your child flow

    Power Automate Select Child Flow

    Child flow selection in Run a Child Flow

  20. Pass the number of your trigger to the child flow

    Power Automate Set Number

    Set input of Run a Child flow

  21. Save flow

    Power Automate Save Parent Flow

    Click ‘Save’

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