The Power Automate Concat Function Guide

Power Automate Concat Function

If you want to concatenate multiple strings within a Microsoft flow, use the Power Automate Concat Function. Just list all strings you need to append comma separated in a Power Automate Concat expression.

In this article, the Concat function is introduced and a step-by-step guide demonstrates its usage.

The article ends with solution for common problems.

Power Automate Concat Function

The Power Automate Concat function appends multiple strings to each other.


concat('<text1>', '<text2>', ...)

Input parameters

  • text1(mandatory): At minimum you have to provide on string to concat.
  • text2, text3, .. (optional): One or multiple strings to concatenate. The function expects a comma separated list of string and integer parameters.

Return value

  • The resulting concatenated string.

Power Automate Concat Example

concat('johannes', '@', 'zeitgeistcode','.','com')
=> [email protected]

How To Concat Strings in Power Automate Microsoft Flow

In this simple example, we define a variable with value ‘Hello’ and use the concat function to append the string ‘joe’.

  1. Create a new flow with trigger ‘Manually trigger a flow’

    Power Automate Concat new flow

    New flow

  2. Click on ‘+ New step’

    Power Automate Concat new step

    Add a ‘+ New step’

  3. Search for ‘initialize’ and click on ‘Initialize variable’

    Power Automate Concat initialize variable

    Add Initialize variable

  4. Setup Initialize variable: Name ‘hello’, Type ‘String’ and Value ‘Hello’

    Power Automate Concat initialize variable setup

    Setup Initialize variable

  5. Add Compose step

    Power Automate Concat add compose 1


  6. Set Compose Inputs to: concat(variables(‘hello’),’ ‘,’joe’)

    Power Automate Concat

    Power Automate Concat expression

  7. Do a test run

    Power Automate Concat result

    Result test run

In case you want to copy & paste the Power Automate concat expression:

concat(variables('hello'),' ','joe')

Power Automate Concatenate Strings Examples

How to concat an array?

To concat elements of an array, the concat function won’t work. Use the join function instead:


How to concat new line to a text?

You need to append a line break? Use the decodeUriComponent function like this:

concat('line 1',decodeUriComponent('%0A'),'line 2')
line 1
line 2

How to concat a single quote?

You need to append a single quote? Use the decodeUriComponent function like this:

=> 'hello'

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