The Power Automate Contains Function Guide

Power Automate Contains Function

The Power Automate contains function can be used with strings or arrays. As the name implies, you can check, if a string contains a string or an array contains an element.

Note: Power Automate Conditions also offer contains, which may be more suitable for your use case.

Power Automate Condtion contains

Power Automate Contains Function

The Power Automate Contains function checks, if a contains b. It works for strings, where a and b are strings and it works for arrays, where a is an array and b is a potential array element.

Note: The Contains function is case-sensitive. For a case-insensitive contains expression, scroll down to the examples.


contains(collection: array|string, value: string)

Input parameters

  • collection (mandatory): The array or string that might contain an element or string defined in value parameter.
  • value (mandatory): The array element or string that should be contained in the given array/string,

Return value

  • true, if array/string contain the element/string.
  • false, if array/string not contain the element/string.

Power Automate contains expression examples

Here are some examples of Power Automate contains expressions.

Contains array

A simple example of a Power Automate Contains array expression.

Power Automate contains array
Power Automate Contains array

Contains string

A simple example of a Power Automate Contains string expression.

=> true (if text = "Luke Skywalker")
Power Automate Contains Function Example
Power Automate Contains string

Contains line break

In case you need to check, if a string contains a line break. Use: decodeUriComponent(‘%0A’)

=> true
Power Automate contains line break
Power Automate Contains line break

Case-insensitive contains expression

Per default Power Automate contains is case-sensitive. You can trick this behavior by switching the case for both parameters by using toLower function.

=> true
Power Automate Contains Case insensitive expression
Case-insensitive contains expression

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