How To Create A Confirmation Dialog Popup With PowerApps

powerapps are you sure popup

As soon as you offer the first delete function, you might want a ‘Are you sure?’ popup. This guide shows you how to create a modal confirmation dialog with PowerApps. We won’t do a pretty dialog. This is an example to teach the approach. Feel free to design the dialog to your needs.

powerapps are you sure popup

This is the end result of this tutorial

  1. Create a new screen with one button with OnSelect ‘UpdateContext({showPopup: true})’

    powerapps show popup button

    Show Popup Button to trigger Confirmation Dialog

  2. Insert a container to keep all popup container content separated from main screen

    powerapps insert container

    Insert Container

  3. Make the container fullscreen to make main screen’s control unavailable

    powerapps make container fullscreen

    Group container set to fullscreen

  4. Set the background color of the container with some transparency

    powerapps set container background color

    Background color of container

  5. Add a rectangle, two button and a label to the container

    powerapps are you sure dialog

    Are you sure dialog

  6. Set the ‘OnSelect’ property of the ‘Yes’ button to ‘Notify(“Yes”);UpdateContext({showPopup:false})’

    powerapps yes button

    ‘OnSelect’ property of ‘Yes’ button

  7. Set the ‘OnSelect’ property of the ‘No’ button to ‘Notify(“No””);UpdateContext({showPopup:false})’

    powerapps no button

    ‘OnSelect’ property of ‘No’ button

  8. Set ‘Visible’ property of container to ‘showPopup’

    powerapps show container

    ‘Visible’ property of container

  9. Make sure that your popup container is in front. Reorder if necessary.

    powerapps container reorder

    Bring Popup to front

Done. Start the app and see your popup in action!

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