How To Copy A Flow To Another Environment In Power Automate

power automate copy flow to another environment

When you have multiple environments, the need for moving flows between environments might come up. This guide explains step by step how to copy a flow to another environment.

In case you just want to copy a flow within an environment, take look at: How To Copy A Flow in Power Automate (Duplicate Flow).

  1. Go to My flows

    Power Automate My Flows

    My flows

  2. Click on the 3 dots and select Export / Package (.zip)

    power automate export package as zip

    Export package

  3. Give your export file a name and click export

    power automate export package

    Export package

  4. Switch to the environment where you want to import your flow

    power automate switch environment

    Switch environments

  5. Click on Import under My flows

    power automate my flows import


  6. Upload your exported ZIP file

    power automate import package

    Import package

  7. Click on ‘Update’ on Import setup

    power automate import package import setup

    Navigate to Import Setup

  8. Select ‘Create as new’ under ‘Setup’ and click ‘Save’

    power automate import setup create as new

    Select ‘Create as new’

  9. Click ‘Import’

    power automate import zip flow

    Import ZIP file

  10. Turn on the copied flow in My flows

    power automate turn on flow

    Turn on flow

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