How To Copy A Flow in Power Automate (Duplicate Flow)

power automate copy flow

Having a copy of a flow is a nice fallback, whenever you are doing bigger changes to a working flow. In case your changes do not work, you can always go back to your old flow. This is just a short guide on how to duplicate your flow.

In case you want to copy a flow To another environment, take a look at: How To Copy A Flow To Another Environment In Power Automate

Step by step: How to copy a Power Automate flow

In this step by step guide you learn how to copy a Power Automate flow.

  1. Go to “My flows”

    Power Automate My Flows

    My flows

  2. Cliick on the three dots of the flow you want to copy and click on “Save As”

    power automate save as

    Save As

  3. Give the copy of your flow a name and click on “Save”

    Power Automate Create A Copy Of Flow

    Create a copy of this flow

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